Cize: The End of Exercise is COMING!

CizeAre you TIRED of the same old fitness routine? Are you sick of the “dance” programs that don’t give you RESULTS?

STOP. Cize is HERE! The newest craze from Shaun T (creator of Insanity, Insanity Max:30, Focus T25) is taking the fitness – and dance – world by STORM.

Channel your inner Beyonce and dance your way to hot results! As an Elite Beachbody Coach, I’ve been able to try this program exclusively since early May. ¬†This program is FUN – it can turn anyone into a dancer – even this mom of two who is about as graceful as a baby giraffe.

Check it out!

Here’s YOUR chance to get into my EXCLUSIVE Cize Test Group!
You’ll get one of the FIRST copies of Cize to be released, and able to work 1:1 with me

What you can expect for my EXCLUSIVE Cize test group:

– 30-45 minute home workouts
– daily dose of DENSE superfood nutrition
– Portion Control system
– Peer Support
– Free Coaching

*Dance moves that will take you from beginner to EXPERT (I promise you, anyone can do this… including ME!)
*Color-coded portion control containers
*real, serious changes to your body

You will also get a free CIZE t-shirt JUST for completing the program. By being one of the FIRST to have mind-blowing results you will be eligible for $500, $1000 and a $25K grand prize. Not to mention your results could be used in upcoming infomercials.

If you want to be considered and one of the first ever to complete this program then APPLY HERE:

Fill out my online form.

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