Free Money From Your Phone

Y’all. FOR REAL, I had no idea that this many things were possible from your phone. Yes, that last sentence is correct. This is coming from someone who runs a business entirely through social media and my phone.  I mean, I knew that there were rebate apps and such, but once I started looking into them, there’s so much more.  Plus, I should also be better about seeing how much I’m accumulating – because what prompted this post was that I realized I had over $1,000 in gift cards available and ready to cash in from these things. So, I figured I should share all of these that I use and you can see what would work for you – and if there’s one that I missed – PLEASE leave it in the comments!

Use the links below to download these apps – as many have incentives for YOU as a new user when you sign up (incentives are all noted next to each app link)

Also – all of these grocery apps are standalone ones that you can stack offers through. To translate – if three of them offers a promo on, say, Corn Pops, you can use all 3 apps for the same box you buy.

Shopkick – Click the link or use code EARN049368  to get 250 kicks when you sign up.
This is probably one of the oldest ones I’ve had and I’ve earned WELL over $1000 in target gift cards from them alone.  You get *kicks* for simply walking into places, scanning items, purchasing items, and even using a Visa/MC to buy things you normally would anyway.

Ibotta – up to $40 in bonuses available when you sign up HERE
This is a super simple grocery app. You add your offers, shop, and then scan your receipt – bonuses available through each month on all orders, different brands, and work with your friends to earn rebates together.

Checkout51 – become eligible to earn $10 or more in bonuses when you sign up HERE
Similar to Ibotta, this works the same with adding rebates for orders – certain bonuses available for buying certain items at a specific store as well.

Fetch – Earn 2,000 points ($2) when you sign up HERE or using code Y8NWA at the signup screen.
This is seriously my new favorite app ever – because in the first week, I earned over $10 which made me realize how simple it is. No need to “add offers” just snap a picture of your receipt for points. You’ll earn extra bonuses for certain brands (all the time) and then certain special offers will appear, but they’re all added automatically when you snap your receipt. The BEST part? You can add your AMAZON account and earn from those purchases too!

CoinOut – Sign up HERE
This is as easy as Fetch. Snap a picture of ANY receipt. ANYTHING – gas, fast food, anything, and earn a few cents for each snap. It didn’t take me long to get to the first $5-10.

Drop – Get $5 when you sign up HERE This works for shopping online or at stores, a lot of “set and forget” when you link your card for points – AND y’all, you can link your TARGET card to this.

Podcoin – get 150 Podcoin when you join HERE or use code BRIANNIZ
Talk about a NO BRAINER. Literally just download this, enter the code, and then listen to ALL of the podcasts you already listen to through this app, and earn pod coins for listening.

VeryDice – get 30 free rolls when you sign up HERE or use code 723634when you sign up.
Free rolls daily, I log in once a day, get my free rolls, and click the “auto roll” and leave my phone to roll while I’m in the shower. Jackpots will pay bonus tickets – cash the tickets in for gift cards. I’ve *easily* accumulated over 100K in tickets ($100+) with this.

Achievement – earn a signup bonus when you sign up HERE
Another “set it and forget it” kind of link. Link it to your phone, apple watch, FitBit, any of your health or workout apps, and earn points for your activity level. That’s literally it. Occasionally you can do a survey for additional points, but they just keep accumulating daily.

Skillz – get $10 free using this link
This is a bit of a fun one – you can opt to use real money or play for their coins. Either way, you accumulate tickets which can be used to cash in for cash, prizes, and Amazon gift cards. I’m a solitaire dork so I tend to log in and play while waiting at preschool pickup form time to time.


Let me know what you think of these apps – if you’ve tried them, if you like them, or if there’s something you use that I’ve missed – comment below!

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