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Remember back in September I was able to reveal that I was a part of the test group for Shaun T’s NEWEST program, Transform:20? Well – it’s HERE! It’s available and I can’t WAIT for everyone to try this. My test group experience was something that was so amazing – to see what my body was able to do in just 20 minutes a day was pretty unreal. In one round of the program (some of the test group did 2, I did one and I’ll explain why), I lost 7.6lbs and 6 inches. I followed our 2B Mindset nutrition plan for flexible eating during this group – and it was great! I didn’t stress about what I was eating, I traveled, celebrated birthdays, and still stayed on track and didn’t feel deprived. I drank my favorite superfoods every day, and used some of the supplements from our Performance Line. Here are my photos

Transform:20 Official Test Group Results



Transform :20 is NOT your mama’s step aerobics program! And one of the BEST things about this program is that you will never get bored because you will NEVER do the same workout twice! There’s a different workout every day, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks – done in real time with the cast. NO do-overs and NO repeats. YASSS!

The program is divided into three chapters: COMMIT, CLIMB, CONQUER. In each chapter, the moves evolve, compound, and get harder. So you keep breaking plateaus, burning fat, building muscle, and getting stronger!

Each workout has 3 “transformer” moves where you see how many reps you can do within a certain time frame. The program comes with a whiteboard calendar that allows you to document your “transformer” numbers and track your progress over the 6 weeks! So you’re not only focused on seeing the number on the scale go down, you’re also focused on seeing your strength and endurance numbers go up!




This program uses a simple way to help keep your body fueled for success! You’ll focus on eating enough of the right foods so you’re never hungry, deprived, or dieting! No restriction here! You’ll also get a great tracker to keep track of your food, water, sleep, and how you’re feeling each day.


As always, I will be hosting a virtual fit club (or an online accountability group) to motivate and support all the women who join me! We’ll create a little community and cheer each other on. It’s just amazing and so effective!

The groups are done in a private app, which allows you to log your workout and superfood shake each day, upload your progress photos, and track your measurements. So everything is done in one place and I can see what you are logging and keep you accountable and on track!

I post every day (a fitness tip, wellness tip, recipes, motivation, etc.) and a daily “assignment” (ex. set a goal for the week, share a success, etc.).  We all support each other and cheer one another on, so there’s a great community and friendship aspect as well! The group and my 1:1 support is free. You just purchase your Transform :20 package through me!


The Superfoods

The other component to this is Shakeology, which is unlike any other shake because it’s made from over 70 whole superfoods from around the world. It will replace your vitamin and probiotic, fill you up, give you natural energy (without caffeine), and tastes delish! Plus it helps your hair, skin, and nails! And it has nothing artificial! It’s literally what gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me going. And I really think it’s why I’m never sick (and why my hair + nails grow like weeds).

What sets it apart is that there are NO GMOs, soy, artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives! It’s seriously delicious and improves your energy, digestion, cravings, hair, nails, and skin. The ingredients are sourced from all over the world and the Shakeology creators regularly visit the farmers to test the soil and ensure the best farming practices are being followed.


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