Work With Brianne

Become a vibrational match for what you want to manifest within your life.
Release blocks, heal and rise from your struggles, challenges and set backs.
Learn how to attract what you want in total alignment and flow with your authentic self.
Reach new heights and breakthrough to your next level of your personal and professional life.


Brianne’s 1:1 Coaching Mentorships are catered to help you take your current situation and your current goals and dreams and create a laser focused, high vibe, and intentionally aligned game plan that will have you breaking through and rising into the space you crave. We work through mindset, manifestation, law of attraction and strategies that will set you on fire as you take inspired action within your personal and professional life.

From setting up a strategy plan for your creative business, for your self care, for your spirituality, and your self growth, to breaking down goals and creating a powerful plan for achieving them, these 1:1 mentorships are for the woman who is ready to get unstuck and release what is holding her back so that she can courageously step into her full potential, letting her bright line shine.

30 Day 1:1 Coaching Mentorship

30 Day Mentorship Includes:

~Weekly 45 Minutes video masterminds (4 total)
~Unlimited support and accountability via Facebook messenger and Email
~Weekly recap emails and focus emails with additional lessons, training, and coach support.

Price: $197

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60 Minute Deep Discovery + Breakthrough Call

This option is for women who need quick assistance in moving past obstacles, overcoming challenges, and gaining crystal clear clarity and focus toward what they are currently working on. We prepare the call with a primary focus that is determined prior to our 60 minute consult, and work through the hour long session by discovering blocks, pinpointing stuck energy, and acknowledging the root of the struggle, then work through said finding by creating an action plan on how you can overcome, release, move through, and RISE from the space you are in.

~A complimentary call or Facebook chat must be conducted prior to scheduling your 60 minute Deep Discovery + Breakthrough Call.

Price: $79

In order to best serve and give undivided time to her clients, Brianne no longer offers free consults unless you are inquiring about a program or 1:1 coaching. Prior to working with Brianne, you will be provided with a discovery call so that we can get clear, focused, and make sure our partnership is a good fit!

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